Signature verification and curing for mail in ballots.

Ballot is a voter management system that allows your county or township to easily verify and cure signatures on mail in ballots using automatic signature verification. As soon as a ballot comes in, scan the signature and automatically verify it against a previously signed sample to ensure accuracy. If a signature does not match, Ballot cuts down the signature curing process by weeks on average, ensuring every vote is counted.

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Collecting signatures for a ballot initiative or petition?

Ballot allows you to collect signatures for ballot initiatives and petitions digitially. With our simple to use API and platform, easily collect signatures on your website or through email. With Ballot, you can even send automatic text, emails, and phone calls to voters to let them know about your petition or initiative!

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"Ballot drastically cuts processing times and eliminates human error."

There are an estimated 162 million voters in the USA, and all may be mandated to send vote-by-mail ballots in this year’s election. Ballot makes sure that your county will not be overwhelmed by the increase in vote-by-mail ballots as the software allows you to store voter documents and information while ensuring all ballots are legitimate.

With Ballot, you will be efficient at sorting, verifying, and counting votes.


"Today’s processes for verifying signatures are outdated and inefficient."

Moreover, they are prone to mistakes. The "eye" test is the standard, and signature checkers are subject to long, strenuous hours. As time passes, not only is a worker eager to finish their day’s work but after seeing thousands of signatures, they become more prone to human error and to miss flagging invalid signatures. Ballot’s signature verification software never becomes tired or misses an error.

Ballot will increase productivity by speeding up verification times and eliminating human error.


"A county’s ability to conduct elections efficiently, accurately, and in a timely manner is the cornerstone of our democracy."

Counties are the front-line soldiers in the battles that take place at the polls. By checking the signatures and storing the voter information internally on Ballot, every subsequent election will be easier to manage.

With Ballot, you and your voters can rest easy knowing that all the votes cast in your county are legitimate and secure.

Easy Management

"An election is only as complex as the underlying voter-management software in use. We’re making elections simple."

The process to manage elections with Ballot is as simple as uploading voters, mailing out ballots, receiving the ballots back, comparing signatures, and counting votes.

The integrity of your elections will never be questioned with Ballot.

Troy Fritzhand

Troy is a groundbreaker in GovTech, having spent the last 6 years interacting with government officials and world-class thought leaders at the highest levels. Taking on the public face of Ballot, Troy looks forward to seeing positive change in government efficiencies.

Tyler Fritzhand

Tyler is a true guru of design and creativity, leading all efforts at Ballot. Everything you see, from this website to ads to the software, Tyler is the mind and finger behind it. When the team calls, Tyler is always there with his ingenuity and artistry.

Brad Fritzhand

Brad is the visionary behind the underlying technology that makes Ballot breathe. Brad gives meaning to "thinking outside the box" with his solutions to fields like fraud, helping to develop Ballot's revolutionary signature verification system.

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Time to cure without vs. with Ballot

"Ballot is making managing democracy more efficient and easy as ever. We’re cutting down curing from 4 weeks to less than 1 day."

- Troy Fritzhand

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What is Ballot?

Ballot offers an efficient, cost-effective, and accurate process for counties to speed up their signature verification and curation process.

What is Ballot’s mission?

Every election thousands of votes are not counted because of time restrictions and out dated verification and curation processes. Ballot wants to ensure that all votes have a chance to be counted.

How much does Ballot cost for my county?

To get an accurate quote, please submit a request form above or email [email protected] to get in touch with a member of our team.

How fast can Ballot verify signatures?

Ballot verifies signatures in under 5 seconds.

Will I need special equipment to use Ballot?

In general, Ballot does not require any additional hardware to utilize our software. However, our team will review your current hardware capabilities to ensure our software will function properly.

How secure is it to use Ballot?

Ballot works to comply with all DHS, CISA, and NIST security standards for its election solutions. Ballot has the ability to run completely offline and locally on your county’s current systems.

Is Ballot affiliated with any political parties or candidates?

Ballot is not affiliated with any political parties or candidates. Ballot is an independent election solutions company that aims to increase efficiencies in elections.

How can I get in touch with the Ballot team?

For specific questions, please email [email protected]